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October 12, 2009


Note: Click on each CD label to here a 60 second sample of each.

in the moment

Product Description: Inside The Moment encourages the listener to meditate on life one moment at a time. It speaks to accepting this journey called life as something to be enjoyed and savored moment by moment.

many boots

Product Description: Many Boots is poetry that expresses how women play various roles throughout their entire lifetime. It asks the listener to consider the importance of those roles and accept each one with confidence and be encouraged.


Product Description: Whisper is the internal monologue of a woman who’s suffering from being the victim of abuse, which is the darkest place of her life.  An abused woman yearns to be loved, appreciated and most of all, to feel a sense of belonging.  An abused Woman keeps her most precious secrets within because she fears that she would be rejected and laughed at.  An abused woman secretly feels Raped of her Own Beauty.


Product Description: Understand, as a literary art, expresses the divine purpose of losing a loved one. That which life and death have in common is that they both have divine purpose and life’s purpose is oftentimes discovered when we experience loss or death. “Understand” is written with the intention of bringing peace, encouragement and smiles to the hearts of family members and friends who have suffered from losing a loved one. It increases an individual’s awareness of the importance and the realization of living life to the fullest, even through life’s inevitable pain. “Life is like a beautiful butterfly, it goes through several stages and each stage serves its purpose before we are able to recognize its beauty.”


Product Description: Scar takes on the inner thoughts (or reflections) of an everyday person the history of unresolved, nurtured pain which eventually turns into a scar embedded in the heart. Whoever said that “sticks and stones may break my bones but words do not hurt me,” was wrong. Negative words do just what they are intended to do—hurt. And if there is no apology or forgiveness, pain becomes a cancerous scar to the soul of our well being. Scars shape our perception of who we are and limit our vision to a life without a divine purpose.


Product Description: In this CD you will be encouraged to slow down and listen to the quietness of God’s voice, appreciate another opportunity today as you participate in life. Our daily walk is just a process that takes us to a better place of maturity. Maturity is the antidote to the inner peace one must accomplish in order to find balance between personal choice and God’s will. Maturity helps us to appreciate life’s small stuff: reflective moments that capture the child’s first words and first steps. Maturity is the ability to apply insight before there is any hindsight. Maturity allows us to examine our reality and to understand that life will eventually have a collision with the truth.
I AM YOUR PROCESS captures words as a reminder that we have a daily guide if we would only listen.

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